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About Capricorntigress -  Capricorntigress began the study of astrology while still in high school, for almost 40 years she has amazed friends and family with her eerily accurate predictions.  Many years ago she was a member of an International Astrological Association, however; these days this wise old sage stays pretty much to herself, helping only a handful of individuals who manage to connect with her. 

Capricorntigress uses a combination of numerology, astrology and degree analysis when doing her readings,  She is a great follower of Sabian Symbols and their meanings.  

Readings by Capricorntigress are available in a variety of ways.  You can receive a video reading from Capricorntigress, or you can schedule a one on one live video chat with Capricorntigress.   You can also simply receive a traditional written reading that can be emailed to you.  Flexibility is available to meet your needs. 


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Whether you wish to donate or set an official appointment, Capricorntigress is open to help all she can with her astrological wisdom and knowledge.  You can order in a variety of ways.  Visit our Order Page to set an appointment or simply order via Paypal.  On the home page there is  donate button at the very bottom of the page that allows you to donate any amount that you choose via Paypal.  Simply include your request for a reading and Capricorntigress will contact you to decide which delivery option is best for you.  Live Video Chat, Recorded Video Reading, or PDF  E-book Format.   

Remember:  All readings and services are for entertainment purposes only.  No claims or guarantees of accuracy are made nor implied. 

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