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We offer Western Astrological Readings.  The readings are based on Astrology, Numerology, Sabian Symbols and Degree Based Astrology.  

*** Lessons may be available.  Look on the ORDER page to schedule Astrology 101 lessons. 

When you are at the ORDER page.  You can either schedule using our appointment scheduler or simply choose a QUICK CHECKOUT with Paypal!  I will contact you for details once payment is received.

If you prefer to make an alternate donation amount, we accept those as well.  Go to the bottom of the page and click on the DONATE BUTTON.  Let me know if you want help and I will contact you via email.

Inexpensive REASONABLE Pricing: 

One Question Focused Reading  $25

General Astrological Reading  $50

Future/Prediction Reading  $75

Love/Romance Readings $60

Career Path Readings $60

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About Me


Hi my name is Adrienne Igo, formerly known as CAPRICORNTIGRESS from MSN GROUPS many moons ago.  We were once the number #1 group on MSN  with over 10,000 members.  Although I may look young for my age, (double Capricorn with Venus in the 10th),  I  have studied astrology for over 35 years. Welcome, I have much to share with you.

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Once you place an order, I will contact you via email with further instructions.  I would love to do a brief consultation before, to have a better idea what to focus on for you  

There are several ways for delivery of your product. You can receive them via email in written form or you can receive a video version of your reading.  This can be uploaded privately.

Telephone readings are available, but they can not be recorded like online readings. 

Rememeber: All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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